Trichoderma: It’s biopesticide behavior

Trichoderma is a beneficial fungus that lives freely in the soil – which is found in large quantities in plant root soils, composted manure and compost. It kills harmful germs of soil-dwelling plants such as fungi, bacteria and nematodes. Trichoderma is a microorganism derived from nature that is being used biologically to control plant diseases. Trichoderma biopesticide was first discovered by Dr. Mohammad Bahadur Mia, Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Bangladesh Agricultural University. Uses and Benefits of Trichoderma: It is possible to produce in the form of Tricho-suspension, powder and paste. Its effectiveness can be found only by spraying according to the rules. It is possible to produce tricho-compost in a fast time by mixing aqueous solution of ‘tricho-suspension’ in rotten waste. It will not require the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as it is readily available. Its use makes it possible to produce non-toxic crops. It plays an effective role in seed treatment and control of soil borne plants. In addition, Trichoderma helps in plant growth and crop production. Its use saves production cost in agriculture. There is no detrimental effect on the land. Increases soil fertility. Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers by 40% -60%.

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